Sundarban Courier Service Barishal Division Branch List

Sundarban courier service is one of the most famous courier services, and parcel delivery providers in Bangladesh. It has a lot of branches in every district. We published Sundarban courier service all branch list by division. In this post, you can know the Sundarban courier service Barishal division branch list. Barishal Division has 52 Sundarban Courier Service branches, all are given below:


S.LDivision NameBranch NameBranch TypeBranch AddressMobile Number
1BarisalKashipur Bazar BoothAgencyM.S Treding Enterprise, Kashipur Bazar, Kashipur, Upazilla Sadar, Barisal.01731047943
 2BarisalMehendi Gonj Thana AgencyAgencyKhan Traders, School Road, Mehendigonj Thana Barisal01915391856
 3BarisalUlania Bandar Agency MehendigonjAgencyHasan Medical Center, Ulania Bazar, Mehendigonj, Barisal01713961896
 4BarisalBakergonj Thana AgencyAgencyMadrasa Road, Bakergonj, Barisal01915203923
 5BarisalBabugonj AgencyAgencyVenus Network, Khanpura Sadar, Babugonj, Barisal01723316146 01728025861
 6BarisalGouronadi Thana AgencyAgencyM/S Nabila Enterprise, Gouronadi Bus Stand, Barisal01713957271 01818633315
 7BarisalTorki Bandar AgencyAgencyMa Telecom Service, Road Sundordi, Torkibandar, Gouronadi, Barisal01924236162 01711219319
 8BarisalBatajor Bandar AgencyAgencyIspondon Electronics, Batajor Bandar, Batajor, Upazilla: Gouronadi, Barisal01927368386
 10BarisalAgoiljhara AgencyAgencyDip Computer, Kalikhola Road, Agoiljhara, Barisal01726589808 01713956013
 11BarisalMuladiAgencyVacant N/A
 12BarisalBanoriparaAgencyVacant N/A
 13BarisalKotwaliAgencyVacant N/A
 14BarisalUzirpurAgencyVacant N/A
 15BargunaBarguna Dist. AgencyBranch Sadarghat Masjid, Golam Sarwar Road, Barguna01915024183, 01716740800
 16BargunaBetagi AgencyAgencyBetagi Station Road, Borguna01713358136
 17BargunaTal Toli Thana AgencyAgencyStar Business Centre, Taltoli, Borguna01713674128
 18BargunaAmtoli Upazila AgencyAgencyM/S Firoz Traders, Sadar Road, Amtoli, Dist: Barguna01712135464
 20BargunaPatharghata UpazilaAgencyZahid Cycle Store, Pathorghata, Barguna1718455663
 21JhalokathiRajapur Agency
AgencyMobarak Business Point, Baipass More, Razapur, Jhalokathi01721434746 01811743339 01811743339
 22JhalokathiKathalia Thana Agency JhalokathiAgencyHalima Computer, College Road, Kathalia, Jhalokathi01712-529266, 01711055979
 23JhalokathiJhalokathi Dist. AgencyBranchM/S Monorom, Puraton College Road, Jhalokathi01936003015, 01721480635
 24JhalokathiNolchiti UpazilaAgencyNalcity Bus Stand, Nalcity, Jhalokhati01741135648
 25PatuakhaliGalachipa Upazila AgencyAgencySagor News Agency, Balika Biddaloy Sarak, Thana Road, Golachipa04424-56314 01715350379 01725278350
 26PatuakhaliKuakata AgencyAgencyAlipur, Kuwakata, Upazilla: Kolapara Patuakhali.01711120055 01715605647
 27PatuakhaliKalapara Upazila AgencyAgencySCS, Upazilla Sarak, Sadar Road, Kolapara, Patuakhali01715605647
04425-56298 01615605647
 28PatuakhaliNatun Bazar Booking
AgencyM/S Talukder Store, Notun Bazar, Sadar Road, Patuakhali01917231805 044163398 01746845712
 29PatuakhaliHetalia, Badhghat, Patuakhali, Booking
Booth, Patuakhali
AgencyMasud Enterprise, Hetalia Badhghat, Kalikapur Union, Patuakhali,01712047380
 30PatuakhaliNew Market BoothAgencyNew Market, Patuakhali01916768491 01713957480
 31PatuakhaliDumki Thana AgencyAgencySabbir Stationary & Suppliers, University Road, Dumki, Patuakhali.01718555767 01745644017 01199579830
 32PatuakhaliBauphal AgencyAgencyMim Business Center, Dashpara, Songlogno, Baufal, Patuakhali.0190295200
 33PatuakhaliDoshmina Thana AgencyAgencyDosmina, Dosmina, Dist: Patuakhali0442356172 01712465476
 34PatuakhaliMirzagonj Upazila AgencyAgencyAzad Media Center, Subidkhali, Mirzagonj, Patuakhali01710941290
 35PatuakhaliRangabaliAgencyVacant N/A
 36PirojpurMothbariaAgencyMedia Syndicate, Tuskhali Road, Mothbaria01712145364, 01916768159,
 37PirojpurInderhat AgencyAgencyPrantik International Center, Inder Hat Bandar, Nesarabad, Pirozpur01717070541 01190979986
 38PirojpurNesarabad Agency PirozpurAgencySCS, Near Centre Jama Mosque, Jogatpotti Bandar, Nesarabad, Pirozpur01711162754 01718924601 01757807298
 39PirojpurBhandaria Upazila AgencyAgencyShafiq Computer Training Center, College Road, Bhandaria, Pirozpur.01711381943 01191140798
 40PirojpurPirojpur DistAgencyVacant N/A
 41PirojpurKaukhaliAgencyVacant N/A
 42PirojpurNazirpurAgencyVacant N/A
 43PirojpurZianagarAgencyVacant N/A
 44VolaVola Dist. AgencyBranchSheru Bazar Super Market, Puratan Bus Stand, Ukil Para, Vola01936003379, 01915746520 01916190246
 45VolaDoulatkhan Upazila AgencyAgencySadar Road, Doulotkhan Bazar, Pourosova, Doulotkhan, Doulotkhan, Vola.0171368043
 46VolaLalmohon Thana AgencyAgencyMukta Studio, Opposite of Post Office, Lalmohon01949332142
 47VolaChorfashion Upazila AgencyAgencyHazi Akbar Super Market, North Side of Janata Bank, Sadar Road, Chorfashion Bazar, Vola049155147 01718381753 01725708594
 48BarisalBarisalBranchArif Mansion, Forester Bari Len, Barisal01936003063, 01936003182
 49PirojpurPirojpurBranchParer Hat Road, North Side of Old Bus Stand1919567389
 50JhalokathiJhalokathiBranchIn front of the Fire Service Office01191838559 01721480635
 52PatuakhaliPatuakhaliBranchIn front of Notun Bazar Banizzo Bhaban, Sadar Road, Ground Floor of Nargis Bhaban01936003045, 01195226994
 52VolaBurhanuddin Pourosova AgencyAgencyUttar Busstand, Bohanuddin Pourosova, Vola01728681257

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Sundarban Courier Service Mobile Number

Sundarban Courier Service is a popular courier service. In this chart, you get Barishal Division all branch addresses and mobile numbers. To contact, any branch, At first find the branch name you searched for and copy the mobile number. Enter the mobile number in the call section, and dial the number. The customer care agent will receive your call and talk with you. You can get more information about Sundarban Courier Service Barishal Division this way.

My Opinion about Sundarban Courier Service Barishal Division

I am a professional courier service provider. Many courier service information is provided by me. I suggest you send your parcel Barishal Division to any other branch by Sundarban Courier Service. Because it is a popular and good courier service. For any courier service information, Please stay with the website.

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