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Sundarban Courier Service Rangpur Division Branch List

Sundarban courier service is one of the most popular courier services, and parcel delivery providers in Bangladesh. It has a lot of branches in every district. We published Sundarban courier service all branch list by division. In this post, you can know the Sundarban courier service Rangpur division branch list. Rangpur Division has 72 Sundarban Courier Service branches, all are given below:


S.LDivision NameDistrict NameBranch TypeBranch NameBranch AddressMobile Number
1RangpurDinajpurAgencyHakimpur Upazila Ag. DNJDihan Traders, Bangla Hili Bazar, Hakimpur, Dinajpur01799369248
 2RangpurDinajpurAgencyNawabgonj Thana Ag. DNJModel Traders, Torpon Ghat, Nawabgonj, Nawabgonj, Dinajpur,01718836639
 3RangpurDinajpurAgencyParbatipur Thana Ag. DNJBrother’s Library, Parbatipur, Dinajpur01714228721 01915988157
 4RangpurDinajpurAgencyGhoraghat Thana Ag. DNJSuvechcha Picture House, Ghoraghat, Ghoraghat, Dinajpur01712315546
 5RangpurDinajpurAgencyFulbari Agency DNJMaya Telecom, Main Road, Fulbari, Dinajpur.01937545487 01727976279
 6RangpurDinajpurAgencyBirganj AgencyMadina Store, Birgonj, Dinajpur01737338230 01730971142 01774377922
 7RangpurDinajpurAgencyBirol UpozillaBirol Bazar, Birol, Dinajpur1712288129
 8RangpurDinajpurAgencyChair Bandar Thana AgencySundarban Courier Service, Ranirbandar, Suihari Bazar, Chirirbandar, Dina01915396179 01775418810
 9RangpurDinajpurAgencyBirampur Thana Agency DnjBablu Enterprise, Birampur Puraton Bazar, Birampur, Dinajpur01191166400 01715359529 0532256499
 10RangpurDinajpurAgencySetabgonj Thana Agency DNJMoon Stationery, Thana Road, Setabgonj Bazar01743928907
 12RangpurDinajpurAgencyKaharoleVacant N/A
 13RangpurDinajpurAgencyKhanshamaVacant N/A
 14RangpurGaibandhaAgencyPalash Bari UpozillaPolash Bari, Gaibandha1920189612
 15RangpurGaibandhaAgencySadullahpur Thana Agency GBDSundarban Courier Service Pvt. Ltd., Sadullahpur, Gaibandha01716948858 01783196758
 16RangpurGaibandhaAgencyGaibandha Dist.Vacant N/A
 17RangpurGaibandhaAgencyGobindagonj Agency Gaibandha RNGBappi Mansion, Gobindagonj, Gaibandha.01710815240 ‘01737899404 ‘01721660213 05423-75400
 18RangpurGaibandhaAgencyFulchariVacant N/A
 19RangpurGaibandhaAgencyShaghataVacant N/A
 20RangpurGaibandhaAgencyShundorgonjShantiram, Kalitola, Sundargonj, Gaibandha01704216018
 21RangpurKurigramAgencyChilmari Thana Agency, KurigramIslam Paper House, Chilmari Bazar, Kurigram0191677330
 22RangpurKurigramAgencyBhurangamari Thana Agency K.GramBhai Stationary, Vurungamari, Kurigram01190987100 01721701861
 23RangpurKurigramAgencyRoumari Thana Ag. K.GramMa Enterprise, Roumari, Dist: Kurigram01716189159 01718820294
 24RangpurKurigramAgencyUdaipur Thana Agency K.GramBornali Supershop, College Road, Udaipur, Dist: Kurigram01712565087 01915444701
 25RangpurKurigramAgencyKurigram Dist. AgencyReju Photo state, College More, Kurigram0581-61824 01712232739 01916720106
 26RangpurKurigramAgencyNageshwari AgencyAnis Telecom, Nageshwari, Kurigram01730964944
 27RangpurKurigramAgencyFulbariVacant N/A
 28RangpurKurigramAgencyRajarhatVacant N/A
 29RangpurKurigramAgencyRajibpurVacant N/A
 30RangpurLalmonirhatAgencyKaligonjVacant N/A
 31RangpurLalmonirhatAgencyProgram Upozilla Agency LalmonirhatDanish Enterprise, Rosulgonj, Patgram, Lalmonirhat.01711957138 01929614885
 32RangpurLalmonirhatAgencyLalmonirhat AgencyChand stationary, Lalmonirhat01673748839
 33RangpurLalmonirhatAgencyAditmariVacant N/A
 34RangpurLalmonirhatAgencyHatibandhaVacant N/A
 35RangpurNilphamariAgencyDilma Thana Agency NilphamariJowel Enterprise, Shutibari Road, Near Krishi Bank, Dimla, Nilphamary01716697181 ‘01711472098,
 36RangpurNilphamariBranchNilphamari Dist. Ag.Sundarban Courier Service, Nilphamari01936003024, 01713709055 ‘01196157048
 37RangpurNilphamariAgencySyedpur Thana Agency NilphamariVacant N/A
 38RangpurNilphamariAgencyDomar Upozilla Agency NilphamaryDomar, Nilphamary01712872213 01712344513
 39RangpurNilphamariAgencyJal DhakaVacant N/A
 40RangpurNilphamariAgencyKishoregonjVacant N/A
 41RangpurPanchagarBranchPanchagar Dist. AgencyNotun Basti (Cinema Road), P.S+P.O.+Dist: Panchogar01963603022, 1819916279
 42RangpurPanchagarAgencyAtari Upozilla Agency PanchagarhGirls School Road, Atari, Panchagar01737426798
 43RangpurPanchagarAgencyBoda Thana Agency PanchagarBoda Bus Stand, Boda, Upazilla: Boda, Panchagor01713713215 ‘01718970177
 44RangpurPanchagarAgencyDebigonjVacant N/A
 45RangpurPanchagarAgencyTetuliaVacant N/A
 46RangpurRangpurAgencyModern Mor Agency RangpurShefa Drug House, Modern More, Rangpur01717292556 01920342595
 47RangpurRangpurAgencyRangpur Dist. AgencySundarban Courier Service, Station Road, Rangpur052163175 01199372402
 48RangpurRangpurAgencyMedical Purbo Gate Dhap, Shimulbag B. Booth , RangpurMaloncho Stationary, Shimulbag, Rangpur,01715571982
 49RangpurRangpurAgencyRangpur Cantonment AgencyFaruk Telecom, Cantonment Bazar, Cantonment Area, Rangpur01820525960
 50RangpurRangpurAgencyPirgonj Upozilla Agency RNGOrna Treders, Osmanpur, Pirgonj, Rangpur01190729745 01725193349
 51RangpurRangpurAgencyShothibari AgencyVai Vai Treders, Shothibari Bus Stand, Mithapukur, Rangpur01737131686 ‘01674484166
 52RangpurRangpurAgencyC O Bazar Upozilla Agency RNGChowdhury Enterprise, Station Road, Dist: Rangpur01716633481
 53RangpurRangpurAgencyGobindagonj Agency Gaibandha RNGM. S Enterprise, Bappi Mansion, Gobindagonj, Gaibandha.01710815240 054175067
 54RangpurRangpurAgencyBadargonj Road Terminal AgencyRazu Varieties Store, Bodorgonj Road Bus Terminal, Rangpur01741201414
 55RangpurRangpurAgencyGangacharaVacant N/A
 56RangpurRangpurAgencyKawniaVacant N/A
 57RangpurRangpurAgencyPirgachaVacant N/A
 58RangpurThakurgaonAgencyPirgonj Thana Ag. ThakurgaonPurbo Chourasta, Pirgonj, Thakurgoan01713712303 ‘01915703734
 59RangpurThakurgaonAgencyThakurgaon Dist. AgencyDesh Photo state & Machinery, Art Gallery Building, Thakurgoan,01717135325, 01913311099, ‘01197362579
 60RangpurThakurgaonAgencyBaliadangiVacant N/A
61RangpurThakurgaonAgencyHoripurVacant N/A
62RangpurThakurgaonAgencyRanishonkoilVacant N/A
63RangpurThakurgaonBranchThakurgaonNaresh Chowhan Sarak, North Side of Hanif Coach Counter01963603062, 01737549271
64RangpurPonchogorBranchPonchogorPatwari Super Market, Gol Chokkor, Takka Mara, Ponchogor01673463918
65RangpurLalmonirhatBranchLalmonirhatBDR Road Khoddor, Beside Satkhan, Hamdard Laboratory01936003109, 01724284001
66RangpurRangpurBranchRangpurIn front of Press Club01936003059, 01963603020
67RangpurDinajpurBranchDinajpurIn front of Fire Service, Goneshtola, Dinajpur01936003083, 01712338426
68RangpurGaibandhaBranchGaibandhaAsaduzzaman Market, Gaibandha01936003020, 01983207528
69RangpurNilphamariBranchSyedpurShahid Zikrul Haque Road, Syedpur01726233505
70RangpurKurigramBranchKurigramCollege More, Officers Club Market, 2nd Floor, Kurigram01936003121, 01190742339
71RangpurRangpurAgencyGaggachara AgencyGaggachara Bazar, Rangpur01980981980
72RangpurNilphamariAgencyJal Dhaka UpazilaThana Moor , Jal Dhaka, Nilphamari.01716636411


Sundarban Courier Service Rangpur Mobile Number

Sundarban Courier Service is a popular courier service. In this chart, you get Rangpur Division all branch addresses and mobile numbers. To contact, any branch, At first find the branch name you searched for and copy the mobile number. Enter the mobile number in the call section, and dial the number. The customer care agent will receive your call and talk with you. You can get more information about Sundarban Courier Service Rangpur Division this way.

My Opinion about Sundarban Courier Service Rangpur Division

I am a professional courier service provider. Many courier service information is provided by me. I suggest you send your parcel Rangpur Division to any other branch by Sundarban Courier Service. Because it is a popular and good courier service. For any courier service information, Please stay with the website.

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